Dr Kenneth Ho originally completed his schooling in Sydney and obtained his Bachelor of Dental Science with Honours from The University of Queensland, Brisbane. Thereafter, he returned to Sydney where he worked for many years. He relocated to Canberra and joined the Lyneham Dental Care team in 2011.

 Kenneth practices a wide variety of dentistry and thrives to provide the best care for our patients. He keeps updated with advances in dentistry by regularly reading international dental journals and diligently attending professional training. Kenneth’s respectful nature and good communication skills helps our patients feel comfortable, safe and their wellbeing cared for. He hopes to continue providing a positive impact on everyone’s oral health.

 Kenneth is grateful for the opportunity to work with such a fantastic team and with many of our wonderful patients at Lyneham Dental Care. He greatly appreciates the professionalism of the working environment and the caring nature of all our patients that come through the surgery. Outside of the clinic, you might find Kenneth at the local shops, running errands like anyone else.